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Order number: APM-3-ZTA
Shipping time: on request
Shipping Weight: 3.00 lbs

380.00 USD 


APM 3" Rack and Pinion Focuser

APM-Telescopes has for more than 10 years used the world famous focusers from Starlight Instruments/USA. Such extreme quality has its price.

To be able to compete with other manufacturers, APM-Telescopes, together with skilled amateurs, decided to create our own series of high end focusers, which come very close to the quality of Starlight, but at a much lower cost. Our tube connections are oriented by us at Starlight to be able to switch and upgrade without additional adapters to Starlight focusers. At the focuser-end we chose to use today's standard threads for available accessories like Field Flatteneres and Reducer/Flatteners, to save you money purchasing expensive adapters. Together with Imagers, we designed a new rock solid ultrasmooth operating focuser.

Based on our first ZTA focuser we developed a new improved version with self centering eyepiece clamps. Also the adapter from 2" to 1.25" has the same self centering clamp like in our Deluxe eyepiece adapter.

Our focusers does not use ballbearing supports which tend to tilt, our focusers using teflon support which guarantee a complete lack of play due heavy loading.

Our second model offered here, has a focuser travel of 114 mm, later on we introduce the same focuser with shorter focuse travel to use with R.C., SC, ACF and Newtonian Telescopes.

Delivery contains:

  • 3" Focuser
  • Adapter M78x1 OD to M82x1 ID
  • Adapter M78x1 OD to M74x1 OD / M68x1 ID
  • Adapter M74x1 ID to 2"  with brass clamp and 3 set screws
  • Adapter 2" to 1 1/4"
  • Rotation Adapter
  • Viewfinder shoe
  • Packaging



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