Tele Vue TV-60 90░ Accessory Package

Order number: TVP-1250
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350.00 USD 


Tele Vue TV-60 90° Accessory Package


1.25 inch 90 degree Everbrite diagonal provides comfortable terrestrial viewing. Qwik-Point Basic helps get your subject centered quickly in the included 25mm Plössl eyepiece. Complete with a TV-60 system carrying bag.


Save 15% overall with this package compared with the individual purchase of the items in the package.


TVP-1250: TV-60 90° Accessory Package

QBT-1006: Qwik-Point Basic
DPC-1250: 1¼” 90º Everbrite
TVB-2403: TV-60 Carry Bag
EAP-25.0: 25.0 Plössl



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